Friday, September 14, 2012

USA: 25th Best Country for Mothers

Did you notice the appeal to mothers in both Michelle Obama's speech and Ann Romney's speech at the National Conventions? The voting power of American mothers is huge, and so is our need to use it wisely this election season.

The United States of America ranks 25th among developed nations in the latest State of the World's Mothers Report. This is hopeful news--we ranked 31st last year--and also a challenge for us to call on our elected officials to do better for our nation's families. Some of our biggest deficits are in the areas of maternal and infant health, parental leave, and wage fairness for women--especially mothers.

We are mothers, at the most basic levels, because we bear children and then provide for them. As voting time approaches, consider researching your candidates' positions on the things that most impact our ability to bear, raise, and provide for healthy and successful children:
  • complete, affordable health care access for women and children (including full reproductive and prenatal care)
  • paid maternity leave
  • paid sick days
  • nutritional programs for children and mothers
  • protection against toxins in consumer products, food, water, and air
  • support for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities
  • affordable childcare options
  • scholarships for mothers in higher education

Don't forget to make sure you are registered to vote. Voter suppression threats affect women more than any other demographic group. If you have recently gotten married or divorced, changed your name for any other reason, or moved, or if you don't have a driver's license, you may be barred from voting unless you come prepared.

Before casting your vote, you can also send a message to your candidates or their campaigns telling them what you value. has a form letter that you can send, with or without a personalized message, in just a few seconds. Click here to add your name and prime the pump on political action for mothers before Election Day.

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